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ColiComplete is a patented substrate supporting disc method containing both XGAL and MUG. It is designed to simultaneously detect Total Coliforms and E. coli in food products. The Beta-galactosidase enzyme produced by coliforms reacts with the chromogenic XGAL substrate to produce a visually detectable insoluble blue dye. The Beta-glucuronidase enzyme found in E. coli reacts with the MUG substrate to produce a blue fluorescent reaction under long wave UV light.  



SimPlate Binary Detection Technology™ combines proprietary media and a patented plating device to provide fast and accurate quantitative results for key groups of indicator organisms.  Defined substrates incorporated into the media are utilized to detect multiple enzyme and redox reactions associated with the target organisms resulting in chromogenic or fluorescent changes to the media, providing easy to read results.  Because SimPlate relies on these key reactions rather than the formation of a colony, results are available days faster than conventional culture methods.