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EC® Line Milk

The CL 10 Plus Method is based on the differential-pH technique which consists of the CL-10 Plus analytical instruments and dedicated reagents. This technique is developed for dedicated analyses of the hygiene and chemical quality of dairy products.

The technique is based on the correlation between pH changes, measured by two capillary glass electrodes, and the amount of substrate consumed in a chemical reaction. The enzyme used to trigger the reaction is highly specific for the substrate to be measured. The differential measurement against time does not require a blank sample; the obtained signal is directly and uniquely related to the concentration of the chosen compound involved in the enzymatic reaction.

Since the reading is potentiometric and not optical, the method is not affected by coloring substances (such as tannins naturally present in wine) or fat (naturally present in milk) in the matrix and by preservatives that might be added to matrices. Therefore, no matrix treatment is required before testing.