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L-Lactic Acid

L-Lactic acid is a critical parameter in the production of milk and milk based products.  It confirms the degree of freshness in milk and determines the taste and aromas in fermented products such as yogurt.

L-Lactic Acid in wine is formed from L-Malic acid which is naturally present in grapes. This transformation called Malic-Lactic fermentation takes place during the wine production process. Carefully monitoring is important to avoid Acetic Acid development caused by lactic bacteria which can affect wine quality.  



Lactose is found at high concentrations in milk and milk products.  It is one of the parameters defining the quality of the product and in many countries in the world it enters the payment scheme for milk.


Titratable Acidity

Titratable acidity is commonly measured in processed milk and milk products as an indicator of the bacteria level in milk pre and post pasteurization.



Urea is a key criterion in determining milk quality and is a key parameter in the milk payment scheme in most countries.