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CL-10 Milk: Lactose

Lactose is a ß-galactoside. It is found at high concentration in milk
(≈130 mM) and milk products. It is one of the parameters defining the quality of the product and in many countries in the world, it enters the payment scheme.

International Dairy Federation (IDF) is the wordwide federation of the dairy sector which collaborates with ISO and AOAC International in the development of standard methods of analysis and sampling for milk and milk products.

IDF has published ISO 26462/IDF 214 Standard specifying an enzymatic method for the determination of the lactose content of milk and reconstituted milk by measurement of the difference in pH (differential pH measurement).

Advantages of Differential-pH automated method
With this enzymatic detection kit, stable and ready-to-use reagents, used in differential-pH technique (exclusively with CL-10 Plus instrument), results are obtained with operative simplicity and with the following benefits:

  • Improved accuracy and precision compared to the other methods
  • Objective reading of results
  • Results are stored on computer
  • Ready to use reagents
  • No sample preparation

CL-10 Milk: Lactose Details:
Technical Features
Linearity  3 - 200 mM
Repeatability  2.0 mM at 140 mM
Sample Preparation
20 µl Milk (not pre-treated, not centrifuged nor diluted)
Time to Result
130 seconds/sample
International Standard: ISO 26462/IDF 214 / Milk -Determination of Lactose content – Enzymatic method using differential pH.
MCP710 50 tests
Additional Information
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