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LIGHTNING MVP ICON® ATP Liquid Sampling Device

Ease of Use
The MVP ICON ATP Liquid Sampling Device allows user to quickly collect and measure ATP content of liquid samples, such as CIP rinse water, directly from their source without pipetting or use of a sampling container. 

Increased Accuracy and Repeatability
Upon activation, the proprietary test reagent flows through the hollow sampling device shaft to evenly wash ATP off sampling tip into bottom of the collection tube, ensuring a high degree of accuracy.  The light output of the reagent solution is measured, not the solid device surface, ensuring a high degree of repeatability.

Convenient Storage
Store sampling devices at room temperature – no refrigeration needed; saving precious refrigeration space for other necessities. 

MVP ICON ATP Liquid Sampling Device Features:

  • Designed to capture 100 µl of liquid sample; featuring one-step, one-hand activation, leaving the other hand free to perform other operations
  • Set Pass/Warn/Fail parameters for specific test points to determine overall cleanliness of sample
  • Download results to MVP ICON Dashboard software for analysis — eliminates manual record keeping
  • Result available in 10 seconds

LIGHTNING MVP ICON® ATP Liquid Sampling Device Details:
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