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LIGHTNING MVP ICON® Conductivity Probe

Chemical Concentration and Conductivity Measurement

Reduce Sanitation Chemical Costs
The MVP ICON Conductivity Probe can accurately measure cleaner and sanitizer concentrations as parts-per-million (ppm), ensuring correct mixing of chemicals prior to application.  Excessively high concentrations of these chemicals can result in damaged equipment and thousands of dollars of unnecessary chemical costs.  Precise concentration readings ensure chemical solutions are mixed correctly, so they clean and sanitize effectively.

Water Quality Monitoring
The MVP ICON Conductivity Probe measures both process controls and CIP rinse water cleanliness, providing increased adherence to hygiene and HACCP requirements.  The probe is safe for food industry use, reusable and requires little maintenance.

Fast and Easy Reporting
The MVP ICON Conductivity Probe measures conductivity, concentration, and temperature simultaneously, saving time and labor.  Results are automatically recorded in the MVP ICON database for quick upload to PC, eliminating manual record keeping.

MVP ICON Conductivity & Concentration Probe Features:

  • Probe is safe for food industry use, reusable, and requires little maintenance
  • Advanced algorithms allow for automatic temperature compensation of readings
  • User sets Pass/Fail parameters for specific test points. Results reported as: conductivity, ppm, temperature, and Pass/Fail
  • Used for measurement of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals including: Quaternary Ammonium, Chlorine, Iodine, and Peracetic Acid
  • 4-graphite electrode cell design, epoxy body
  • Single-point calibration
  • Results available in 10 seconds

LIGHTNING MVP ICON® Conductivity Probe Details:
Temperature Range
0˚ - 100˚C
Temperature Coefficient
2.5% / ˚C Non-selectable
Cell Constant
0.45 Non-Selectable
Concentration Range
10 – 200,000 parts-per-million (ppm)
Conductivity Range
10 – 100,000 microSiemens (µS)
Conductivity Range
Temperature 0.1˚C / 1 ppm
Concentration Resolution
Temperature 0.1˚C / 0.1 µS
Concentration Accuracy
Temperature ± 0.5˚C / ± 5%
Conductivity Accuracy
Temperature ± 0.5˚C / ± 1%
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