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Rapid Enumeration of Enterobacteriaceae
SimPlate Enterobacteriaceae utilizes proprietary Binary Detection Technology™ to provide quantitative results for members of the Enterobacteriaceae family from food and environmental samples in just 24 hours.

Easy-to-Read Results
Proprietary chromogenic media and patented plating device with isolation wells combine to produce easily counted results.  Positive wells are clearly identified based on a visual color change. 

Reduced Testing Costs
While other plating methods require duplicate plating of samples, SimPlate provides equivalent results with just a single plate.  Combined with the reduction of necessary sample dilutions, made possible by the broad counting range of the plate (1-738), SimPlate reduces the volume of media and number of tests required for each sample, helping to reduce overall testing costs.  

SimPlate Enterobacteriaceae Features:

  • Results in just 24 hours, up to 2 days faster than conventional reference culture methods
  • Pre-measured, ready-to-use media available in unit-dose format for low volume testing days (1 test per tube of media) or multi-dose format for high volume days (10 tests per tube of media)
  • Available in Color Indicator format

SimPlate®Enterobacteriaceae Details:
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Binary Detection Technology™
Room Temperature
SimPlate Enterobacteriaceae Color Indicator 66009-100 100 test unit dose
SimPlate Enterobacteriaceae Color Indicator 66009-500 500 test multi-dose
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