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VIP® Gold - Salmonella

Single-Step Visual immunoassay for Salmonella
VIP Gold for Salmonella is a single-use, lateral flow test device incorporating highly specific antibodies for the rapid detection of motile and non-motile Salmonella in foods and environmental samples. 

Fast Results
Next day results for processed foods; raw and highly contaminated foods require an additional overnight incubation.

Improved Lab Efficiency
VIP Gold offers an innovative multi-test format with break-away devices designed for maximum flexibility to accommodate a wide range of testing volumes. 

Advanced Technology
The cutting edge particle technology allows for faster sample flow, producing a clean background, clear lines and easy to read positive/negative results without the need for a reader.

VIP Gold Salmonella Features:

  • Validated for detection of Salmonella in all food types.

VIP® Gold - Salmonella Details:
AOAC Official Method of Analysis 999.09
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